What to Look for in a Great Email Marketing Software

People who are involved in online marketing understand that email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out and communicate with customers.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach customers because

  • Most people have an email address
  • Most people check it daily
  • It’s considerably cheaper to email than to mail
  • People really interested in hearing from you will voluntarily add their name to your list

Here is how a typical email marketing campaign works:

  1. Prospects find your website through a search engine or online ad, or go to your site in response to an offline ad (such as magazine, print, TV or radio).
  2. Your well designed website explains your product/service, but you also have an opt-in form where prospects can signup to hear more about your company or receive
    promotions via email.
  3. You create compelling sales messages and program your message inside your ESP (oftin as easy as cutting and pasting)
  4. Your Email Service Provider takes care of the technical details (sending, tracking, spam filters).

The conventional way to look at email marketing is to think of it as direct mail, except you are sending a direct email instead of a printed letter. The only differences are how the message is delivered and the fact that once a message is delivered, it is slightly easier to respond. When you get a good direct mail offer, you usually need to pick up the phone, send something or call to respond. With email you can click and respond instantly.

Email Marketing Companies with Auto Responder Software

StreamSend Email Blast StreamSend
30 Day free trial, no credit card required to try. Lots of great features.
Good for both beginner and experts, you pay for number of messages sent.
Rating: ★★★★★
Free Email Blast Vertical Response
30 Day free trial, no credit card required to try. Flexible pricing plans.
Easiest system to use, also does surveys and postcards.
Rating: ★★★★☆
Free Email Marketing Service iContact
15 Day free trial, no credit card required to try. Nice templates, easy to use.
Excellent stats and integration. Pay by list size (good for frequent senders).
Rating: ★★★½☆
Free Email Blast for Small Business Constant Contact
60 Day free trial. Lots of great looking templates, Easy to use.
Great for beginners. Pay by list size (good for frequent senders).
Rating: ★★★☆☆

*Since most companies offer a free trial, you should sign up and test drive each interface.
You will quickly figure out which email service provider is best for your company.

We have been testing a number of different auto responders and have found that StreamSend is by far the most reliable and the most effective auto responder software available on the web. They put the most power into the business’s hands. You will have absolute control over when your messages go out and who they go out to. You will be able to customize your message in any way you feel fit and know that its going to be delivered correctly. With a number of attractive design tempates, colors, and graphics, you will have more power to get the attention of your subscribers.

Go to http://www.streamsend.com/ today, for a free trial of their email blast + auto responder software for a reasonable price. Not only will you have control and access to the best designs, but you will also be able to track who has opened the messages and how effective each message has been. You will be able to see who you are getting to, and who has not been responding, which allows you to tailor your message for the most response.

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